To the Tip Top ya don’t stop!

Here at Tip Top Daily Market, we strive to be your place for all the things that brighten your days and deepen your experience as a seemingly conscious entity in this wild and wonderful universe. That’s why we curate with curiosity and joy front and center in our hearts and minds, partnering with local artisans whenever possible to bring the best doohickeys and thingamabobs to our shelves for you to explore in an unassuming and welcoming neighborhood spot!


16 carefully selected beers on tap to enjoy while you shop or while relaxing on our patio with friends. Whatever you love you can take home in freshly canned 32oz Crowlers.

Lining our shelves, we have hundreds of cans and bottles of craft beers from around the globe and from our very own backyard made by the best breweries in the industry. Plus, we have 14 doors full of ice cold singles for you to try one at a time or build your own six pack for maximum beer time fun!

We also have quite the selection of hard ciders, seltzers, kombuchas, meads, sakes, and more!


From Old World to New World and all the worlds in between, we love exploring, enjoying, and sharing as many varietals, regions, producers, and winemaking processes as possible in our shop. Whether you are looking for an easy drinking blend to go with dinner, some bubbles for celebration, or an adventurous palate pleaser to nerd out on with friends, you can find a delicious and revelatory wine from thoughtful and talented producers here!


From local sources like Nourish, Pepperbox Doughnuts, Schaal’s Foods, Freshlist, Pasta & Provisions etc. to the best natural foods, snacks, and treats from around the globe, we bring together a delightful array of specialty grocery items for you to enjoy! Come and get it.

For the home bar enthusiasts, we also stock a worthy selection of bitters, vermouths, mixers, tools, glassware and other fun cocktail accoutrements!


There is nothing like the experience of dropping a needle on your favorite record and having a deep listen as your favorite jams are perfectly reproduced by your hi-fi system. Luke of Premium Sound curates the record bins with decades of music loving experience and can not only help you get your hands on your favorites, but can deftly turn you on to new ones!

Don’t have a hi-fi? Well Luke can change that too with a nice selection of vintage turntables, amps, and speakers for you to choose from.


Imagine snacking on a delicious treat, sipping on a perfectly paired adult beverage, listening to an immaculate recording, and curling up with your favorite new book. Now imagine getting all those things from your friendly neighborhood market!

Thanks to Rob and the addition of I’ve Read It In Books to Tip Top, you can! From across the spectrum of literature, you’re sure to find a gem on these book shelves. Let your beautiful and curious mind explore!

Fine livin’ without the pretentious a-holes and posers. 

Open minded, curious, and nonjudgmental. That’s what we’re about and who we’re trying to serve. If that’s you, come on through! 


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